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Just wanted to let you know my family and I had a blast playing this game in line at Disney World. And I've introduced a bunch of friends to Yahtzee through this game too. Thanks so much for making it! Great work and looking forward to more from you!

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Hey, is there any chance of adding an option to play vs the cpu on Greed? Thanks. Love the game.


I guess not.

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This is such a good game. It fits the playdate perfectly and it’s a great way to kill some time on the bus, the train or on breaks.

The animations of the dice are nice to look at and the controls are also very good. 10.000 and Yacht are my favourite modes.

Nice work and worth every penny!

Thanks for making a great dice game on the playdate! I enjoy it a lot. I like the addition of the free dice game. I would love to see a option to change how many dices you want to use and that it automatically show how much points u scored in a future update.

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Thanks! The current version should have an option in the Free Dice system menu to select how many dice to throw. I can add displaying the total of the throw in the next version, good idea!

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Why won’t you answer Adamantibus’s question??

This is the best Yacht game for playdate. I've tried the two other ones I've seen, but this one has a lot more polish and extra game modes.

It also has a satisfying dice animation.

Extra props for implementing a quick roll feature. It works fantastic!


the newest version is feeling really good with your suggestions, so thanks to you too!