v1.02 came out only 24 hours ago, but throw it in the trash! After a critical bug report and a few great suggestions this morning, v1.03 is here sooner than later.

This one's for all the pro rollers out there, a few efficiency options have been added so you can get more rolls per hour than ever before.


  • Many message popups in all modes can now be skipped/advanced with the A button
  • Added "Quick roll" option to the system menu in 10,000 and Yacht. When enabled, rerolling requires less button presses
  • When crank is undocked, hand won't appear on screen for a roll until crank moves, preventing some jarring visuals
  • A few more small visual fixes/improvements

Bugs fixed:

  • Pressing B while rerolling the dice in Yacht would break the game state
  • Fixed performance hitches in certain situations


playdice-1.03.pdx.zip 2 MB
Aug 16, 2022

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