v1.1 and Catalog

Playdice is now available in the Playdate Catalog!

I've prepared a fresh new update to celebrate the release:

  • Light and dark background selection 
  • Title screen colors change to match background selection*
  • Dice total can be displayed in Free Dice mode (D-pad Down to toggle on/off)
  • 10,000 renamed to Greed
  • Free Dice renamed to Dice
  • B button and D-pad Up can be used to roll the dice in addition to A button
  • "Quick roll" enabled by default, option removed from menu
  • Auto screen lock no longer disabled
  • More visual and performance tweaks

Keep On Rollin' Bones


top secret "reward for the diligent reader" tip: hold left and press B while highlighting free dice on the main menu for a hidden mini-mode. 🎲💵🤫 


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47 days ago

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